Texas Hunting Videos from V-Bharre Ranch

Welcome to our collection of hunting videos from V-Bharre ranch.

Amazing Eland Hunt by Handgun
#1 North American Eland Hunting Record at Texas V-Bharre Ranch

Bow Hunting 31-inch Gold Medal Axis Deer in Texas at Vbharre Ranch

Texas Axis Deer Hunt at V-BHARRE Ranch

Aoudad Sheep Hunting Adventure
Another Amazing Aoudad Hunt on Texas V-Bharre Ranch

Texas Elk Hunting
Another Fine Elk Hunt at Vbharre Ranch

Sable Bow Hunting at V-Bharre Ranch

Exotic Hunting from A to Z:
Aoudad Sheep to Grants Zebra at V-Bharre Ranch Texas

Lechwe Hunt at V-Bharre Ranch

Texas Dall Sheep Hunt

Buffalo Hunt at V-Bharre Ranch in Texas

V-BHARRE Ranch – Hunting Texas Trophies