Game Processing

Due to Covid restrictions and our staff being limited because of a few medical emergencies we have closed down processing until further notice.

Once you have harvested your trophy animal, you won’t have to wonder where you are going to have it processed. If you want to do it yourself, that’s fine. If you don’t, we can do all the game processing you need, Texas style.

Our game processing facility has four winches, fully concreted with drains. We have commercial grade game processing equipment and a full walk-in cooler to store your game. We can ship your game right to you.

A Few Photos of Our Game Processing Facility

Game Processing Prices

  • Field dressing* – complimentary
  • Caping and Preparing Trophy for Taxidermist – $50 Large Animals /$25 Small Animals
  • Quartering Trophy, Ice, and preparation for transport – complimentary

*For all you new hunters who may not know what field dressing is, it is the quick processing of meat to insure that the meat doesn’t go bad. By removing the animal’s innards, usually in the field, and then refrigerating it, the quality and safety of the meat is assured.

Full processing includes – cut steaks, grind, and vacuum seal

  • ***50% Will be added to processing fee for same trip or expedited processing due to having to bring in the extra help.
  • Buffalo, Eland: – $750
  • Elk, Stag, Zebra, Nilgai: – $500
  • Oryx, Gemsbok: – $350
  • Deer, Axis, Fallow: – $200
  • Blackbuck, Sika, Sheep: – $150

Boy, howdy, we process some of the most delicious summer sausage, link sausage, and jerky you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating.

  • ***10lb. Minimum on all sausage and jerky orders.
  • Breakfast sausage – Award winning special blend – $4.00/lb.
  • Uncle Mike’s Smoked Link Sausage (½ Game, ½ Pork) – $5.00/lb.
  • Uncle Mike’s Jalapeno/Chs. Link Sausage (½ Game, ½ Pork) – $6.50/lb.
  • Uncle Mike’s Famous Summer Sausage (round chub) – $7.00/ lb.
  • Uncle Mike’s Jalapenos and cheese (round chub) – $8.00/ lb.
  • Snack Sticks – $8.00/lb.
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