Our Breeder Line


Kronos is our new breeder that replaced the late Sweet Tea. He scored 321 inches with 49 points at two years old. His sire is our very own Romeo and his dam that comes from our own Bos, who threw bucks over 250 inches. Kronos’ sire line include Texas Samson, TR Texas Sam, and Dagger Tine JR while his dam line brings in Bambi Sawblade, Bambi 727, BB Peanut, and Guardrail. We are excited to see what he is going to be bringing to the bucks in the years to come.


McFlurry comes from Sweet Tea, our late breeder that produced many bucks over 200 inches and almost hitting 300 inches. His paternal line has RR Zero Tolerance, Sweat Pea, Ground Zero, RR Tin Man, Red Rock, and Twister while his maternal lines includes CR Ranger, CR 747, CR Juliet, BB Peanut, Bambi 727, and Dreambuck. We look forward to seeing what will come from this amazing lineup.

Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy was brought in from Camelot Bell scoring 298 inches. His one year old bucks are already showing their potential. His patriarch line brings in Say It Ain’t So, Shadow, Missouri Oscar, Maxbo, and Rolex while his matriarch line brings in 727-Billy, Bambi 727, King Arthur, and Yankee D. Dandy.


Romeo was born at Circle V-Bharre Ranch and has been breeding for three years. He is a perfect box that splits on his G1s, G2s, and G3s. He scores around 230 inches every year. He has many big names in his line including Texas Samson, Dagger Tine JR, TR Texas Sam, and Bambi Dagger Tine. His bucks are everything from perfect 8 points to 250 inch monsters. He has produced a few super does on the way and has given us a new breeder buck by the name of Kronos.


Acer is a our eight year old typical breeder that scores over 200 inches. He is extremely symmetrical and has produced many large bucks for us. The bucks he throws are mainly 190s to 200 inch and symmetrical. Acer comes from the UNO, Stickers, and Redoy Bean on his patriarch line and Zeus, Bambi Prickly, and Macadamia on his matriarch line.

Breeder Bucks