Tips on Harvesting a Deer Using a Gun

Every deer hunter wants to make a quick and clean shot. It is therefore very important to gain proficiency in using a weapon and to know the techniques that can make hunting easy and successful.

A gun is a top choice of weapon among hunters as bullets have greater energy and can create massive shock and tissue damage. It is powerful enough to even penetrate heavy bone and reach vital organs.

There are lots of ways to harvest a deer and if you are using a gun, you will be able to make a quick and clean kill especially if you will be able to put in place some important techniques.


Practical Tips on Harvesting a Deer:

Broadside Shot Using a Gun

A hunter that uses a gun can go for an excellent shot and the best parts to target are the shoulder and the chest areas. A gun can break a shoulder and penetrate the lungs and heart that will enable to drop the animal in their tracks.

Head & Neck Shot with a Gun

A head and neck shot can instantly leave a deer defenseless. Usually, this shot will enable a deer to be left with very little or no damage at all on its meat.  However, even if this shot can easily put a deer down this should only be used if one is proficient enough in using a gun.  This option is also preferred if a deer is within a good shooting range.

Quartering Angle Shot

A hunter that uses a gun to hunt will be very effective in taking a quartering angle shot. When taking this shot, hunters should aim behind the front shoulder to make the shot effective. A shot made at this angle will let the bullet pass through vital organs like the lungs and heart, and then exit through the far shoulder.

Quartering Towards Your Shot

This shot is perfect for hunters who use a firearm. When quartering towards your shot, you should aim at the head, neck, or front of the shoulder to make the shot effective. Quartering towards your shot should be made high in the chest. A high shot can break the base of the neck and travel through the lungs while a lower shot can easily hit the heart.

Rear End Shot

A rear end shot isn’t always the best choice for hunters that use a gun. Although it can bring down a deer, it can also damage the best cuts of venison.

Straight On Shot

This shot can be easily done with a firearm. It is best to aim at the head, neck, and center of the chest as these are the vital areas that can easily bring down a deer.

Fallow deer hunting, whitetail buck hunting and blackbuck hunting can bring exceptional results especially if you will be able to use your weapon properly and take the best shot.