Secrets to Early Season Blackbuck Hunting Success

blackbuck hunting

Usually, deer hunters are focused on preparations for the hunting season. But it should not be overlooked that blackbuck hunting success also occurs even before deer hunting season begins. There are hunters that bag huge game hunts even before the hunting season begins. Undoubtedly, there are strategies that must be put in place to ensure a productive hunt whether it’s peak season or not.

Here are some of the most useful strategies that you can follow to ensure early season blackbuck hunting success.

Locate their Feeding Area

During the start of the hunting season, deer are usually in their feeding mode and usually follows the cycle of feeding-breeding-feeding. During late summer season, deer feed on nutritious foods and usually set up defined home ranges near areas where nutritious food is abundant and heavy bedding cover is available. Deer usually have minimal movements to prepare for the rut and winter season.

Hunters should be aware that early season blackbuck hunting is usually focused mainly on hunting food sources and this continues until the later part of summer when soft and hard mast already becomes available, which results in changes on feeding patterns.

blackbuck hunting

Understand Buck Activity

Hunters can easily outsmart blackbucks if they will be able to understand the pattern of their activities. During early season hunting, it is important to know the types of food that blackbucks prefer as well as when they go out to seek for them.

In private lands, hunters stake out planted food sources to be able to identify the types of bucks to hunt. On the other hand, public land hunters have to deal with greater difficulties as it is harder to locate and pattern a specific buck.

To Conclude:

Blackbuck hunting requires preparation and mastery of skills and while most people focus and exert greater effort for the hunting season, it will also be important to look into the possibility of taking on a trophy harvest even before the hunting season begins.

Certainly, there are strategies that can ensure hunting success. Taking the time to understand and pattern buck activity definitely increase the chance of bringing home a trophy harvest even before the excitement of the hunting season begins!