Rules and Safety Reminders for Deer Hunting Season

Deer Hunting season

November is a much-awaited month for hunters in Texas because it is when the deer hunting season officially starts. From November 1, 2014 to January 2015, hunters in Northern and Southern part of Texas will be privileged to engage in this popular activity and get an increased chance of having their trophy harvests.

The deer hunting season is highly anticipated by hunting enthusiasts. To make the season a successful and memorable one, it would be very crucial to stick with the rules and engage the most useful techniques that will allow a hunter to stay clear from unnecessary inconveniences while engaged in a fallow deer or blackbuck hunting adventure.

There are rules that must be followed for a hassle-free deer hunting season in Texas. This article discusses the basic rules and techniques that should guide every hunter.

deer hunting season

Rules for Deer Hunters in Texas

Secure the necessary documents.

A valid Texas hunting license is a basic requirement for hunters but aside from that, one should also have a state-issued identification card or driver’s license in possession.  This is to ensure that deer taken will be tagged.

Hunting certification should also be acquired by going through a hunter’s education course. This applies for in and out of state hunters who were born on or after September 2, 1971.

Be aware of legal hunting time.

When hunting in Texas, hunters must be aware that hunting time ends 30 minutes after the sun sets, which means that hunting time depends on one’s geographical area. It is best to check the places where you will be hunting to know the amount of time that you will be legally allowed to spend for the activity.

Know the types of deer that you can shoot.

There are certain rules of thumb that must be followed when hunting deer and this involves the type of deer to hunt as well as the number of deer that a hunter is allowed to take on.  Though most hunters would prefer to take on a monster buck, it is highly recommended that does be given the same attention in order to establish balance within hunting areas.

Practice safety at all times.

In hunting, safety is a more important than having a successful and enjoyable experience. Aside from complying with the rules and getting equipped with the essentials, they also have to adhere with some of safety practices including the 4 basic rules on firearm safety which include the following.

deer hunting season

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#1: Treat every firearm as a loaded weapon.

It would not be smart to assume that a firearm is not loaded and to handle it carelessly. Practice extra care when handling a firearm so your safety as well as the safety of people around you won’t be compromised.

#2: Aim the firearms muzzle towards a safe direction.

Self-inflicted injuries can be avoided by making sure that the muzzle is not pointed towards the hunter’s body. Always point it in a safe direction to avoid accidents caused by unexpected discharges when a bullet travels in the wrong direction.

#3. Identify your target and even what’s beyond it.

Accurate judgment is a must when shooting that’s why it is very important to positively identify a target as well as what’s beyond it. There are instances when a bullet passes through your target and you should keep this in mind to make sure that no one will be hurt when that happens. Reckless behavior is unacceptable especially if that could mean putting human lives at stake.

#4. Put finger on the trigger guard only when ready to shoot.

Unwanted discharge or unexpected firing can be prevented if a hunter will be able to keep his fingers off the trigger guard when not yet ready to shoot. A person may unknowingly close hand around the pistol grip of the gun which may lead to accidental shooting and this basic practice can keep accidents from occurring.

It’s that time of the year again and hunters are at their busiest. The long wait is over and you can be sure that by engaging in practices that can equip you with the much needed knowledge and skills, you’ll be able to make the best of the deer hunting season.