Must-Know Pre-Season Hunting Tips

Are you preparing for the hunting season?

Do you look forward to a productive and rewarding hunting adventure?

Adequate planning and preparation are essentials of hunting success. Pre-season hunting should be spent wisely by attending to the most important tasks that can help you plot a hunting adventure that you will enjoy and will likewise even make you eligible to bring home a trophy harvest.

Certainly even if you still await the hunting season, there are lots of important measures that you can take that will ensure a successful adventure. This article points out some of the most useful pre-season hunting tips that you must know.


Pre-Season Hunting Tips:

Prepare Your Hunting Gears

Pre-season hunting is the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the gears that you will be using. Whether you plan to be on axis deer hunting adventure or if you plan to go for big game hunts, you should be equipped and knowledgeable in using your preferred weapons.

  • Practice with your weapon of choice because whether you prefer crossbow or rifle, you should be able to aim and hit your target whenever the opportunity arises.

  • If there are gears that require repair or cleaning, pre-season hunting is also the perfect time to attend to them.

  • Shop for new hunting weapons, if you are planning to upgrade or replace the ones that you already own.

Get Familiar with Your Hunting Spot

Pre-season hunting is the perfect opportunity for you to gain familiarity of your hunting spot. It will really help a lot if you can scout your hunting area and take note of the surrounding so you can be a step ahead in terms of monitoring your game hunt. This is the perfect time to find ideal places to set up blinds, decoys or food plots so you will be ready and waste no time once the hunting season is on.

Set Up Deer Feeder

If you are planning to set up a deer feeder, you must use the pre-season as the opportunity to scout for hunting spots where natural food sources for deer are abundant. This way you will be able to setup your hunting spot while having an increased chance of getting your target onto your territory.  Here are tips to set up a deer feeder:

  • Choose spots with natural food sources

  • Locate ideal open clearing to set up your feeder.

  • Schedule regular feeding for the entire pre-season so you can get the most of your deer.

Stay Fit

Hunting is not a lazy man’s sport because you need to move around and stay alert most of the time to have the best hunting season. Pre-hunting season preparations include staying healthy and in the best shape so you will have enough stamina to keep up with a deer and to be able to perform optimally until your game hunt is already in the bad.

Pre-hunting season should be used to plan and prepare for a demanding and tedious hunting season. Stick with the practices that can help you experience the most successful hunt!