Inarguable Reasons Why Texas is a Hunters’ Haven

"Nubian Ibex"

Texas is known as the premiere hunting site in the United States. Hunting has already become a huge money making industry. Each year, more and more hunters have found Texas as the top destination for hunting enthusiasts. There are also hunting stories that will make you appreciate the premiere hunting experience that Texas brings.

There are inarguable reasons why Texas is a hunters’ haven, Surely, you will be interested to know the reasons why it offers a premiere hunting experience. This article discusses some of the most interesting facts that will make you love Texas.

Wide Range of Exotic Animals

If you are a hunter who wants to be acquainted with exotic hunting species, there is no better place to go than Texas! The state offers 51 species of exotic animals. Whether you are up for axis deer hunting or aoudad sheep hunting, you will find your game hunt in Texas. Some of the most popular exotic animals for hunting in Texas include axis deer, scimitar oryx, aoudad, sika, fallow deer, mouflon sheep and blackbuck antelope.

190" whitetail deer (from Vbharre Ranch buck harvest Texas hunt)

190″ whitetail deer (Vbharre Ranch buck harvest / hunt)

Abundance of Whitetail Deer

In Texas, whitetail deer population is estimated at 3.7 million making it the largest of any state.  That gives whitetail deer hunters 5 deer per 1000 acres in the Northern regions of Texas while up to 100 deer per 1000 acres in the Central and Southern Texas regions.

Great Landscape

Hunters have varied preferences when it comes to hunting landscapes and Texas offers variety that suits the requirements of hunters. Hunters who are looking for piney and wooded areas will find what they want at East Texas. The Northern Plains offers rolling plains and flat lands, West Texas has a desert type landscape and if you will head down South Texas, you will be treated to a hunt in the Brush Country.

Choices of Private and Public Hunting Ranches

Most people are aware that Texas is home to hundreds of private hunting ranches but the state is huge enough to still have room for over 1 million acres of public hunting land. This is another advantage that gives hunters more space whether they want to hunt in a private or public space.

Ranch Photos 1271

Hunt All Year Round

In Texas there is no such thing as off-season among hunters. The state offers a wide variety of species so you can hunt all throughout the year. Hunting in Texas knows no season, which means there’s always some big trophies you can hunt. Just come to the place and hunt for exotics, predators, squirrels, rabbits, javelin and more!

Texas is definitely the place to be if you are a hunter. Explore Texas and find the best spots for you to create the best hunting experience ever!