Hunting Tricks to Outsmart Blackbucks

Blackbuck hunting is a rewarding experience but you need skills, knowledge, and timing to ensure that you will be able to bring home a trophy buck. There are also techniques that never fail to give hunters satisfactory results especially during the rut season.

To increase the chance of a successful blackbuck hunting adventure, this article discusses some of the tricks that can help you outsmart blackbucks.

Rattle Bucks Using Antlers

The breeding season is a time when antler sheds are very useful for hunters. There are synthetically made antlers that are available in the market but nothing beats real antlers for rattling. Rattle bucks by producing sounds especially in areas that are too dense or too open. Real antlers are also very useful for areas with high wind.

To be able to rattle bucks begin with medium volume sound for 30 seconds. If it fails to make bucks appear, produce louder sounds this time with increased time duration. Do this routine every 30 minutes. Once a buck appears, use the antlers to attract attention so that it will come close to your preferred range.


Use a Decoy

Decoys make it easier for game hunts to approach and enter your range. These are very effective in acting as a closer for deer hunters that use rattling and calling techniques. Decoys give deer reason to approach and conclude that the area is free from danger. Choose decoys with small to medium antlers. Larger antlers will make a buck less aggressive for fearing the possibility of being smacked down.

Ideally, a decoy should be placed within 20 yards of your stand or blind facing straight or a quarter away with its nose pointing to the direction where a buck is expected to arrive. This position will be interpreted by a buck as a challenge that will make them approach your hunting range.


The snort-wheeze is a vocalization technique that is seldom heard. The sound is produced by a buck to challenge an intruder. It is best to use this call when a good buck is already spotted or when other alternatives to bring a deer within your range failed. Snort-wheeze is a three-note call composed of two short and one long sound similar as that out of a tire.  The snort-wheeze call already has a few commercial versions but you can also produce it yourself with practice.

When old techniques fail to work, there is no harm in trying the ones that can easily fool a deer and lure them into your territory. The above mentioned techniques can get a deer within your range. There really is no harm in trying especially if that would help ensure blackbuck hunting success.