How to Shoot a Deer Under Tough Conditions

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The most successful hunts are those that give a hunter a good harvest to bring home. It isn’t that simple to make a clean shot especially when there are certain conditions that will interfere.

How do expert hunters get a clear shot of their target even at the most undesirable conditions? Newbies and experienced hunters certainly would prefer to know how to shoot a deer and stay in control even during the most undesirable conditions.

Whether there are barriers that make it difficult to keep a clear view of a target or even when you are in a position that makes it more difficult to get a shot of a deer, there are techniques that can help you manage and stay in control to ensure that you will be able to bring home your harvest.

This post discusses some of the most useful techniques that should teach you techniques on how to shoot a deer no matter what the condition is.

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Shooting Through Barriers

One of the hardest ways to make a shot is shooting a deer through bushes, vines and other barriers as they only reduce the chances of getting a good shot. Most of the time, shots like this are avoided but if the barrier is close enough to the deer a good solid hit can be made.

When shooting through weeds, vines or limbs, create an opening that will allow you to shoot through. It will also be an advantage if you will be able to keep a close distance from the deer in order to reduce the amount of bullet deflection and still make a good shot.

Shooting Downward

For bow hunters, downward shot angle is not preferred as it only creates a high chance for insufficient penetration and poor shot. However, if you can make a straight down spine shot that would be good. Shooting downward also makes full penetration difficult to achieve and increases the chance of missing the target.  But in the case of gun hunters, shooting downward and aiming for the spine will allow entry to the vitals. This can bring the deer down and a follow up shot can be made when this happens.

Shooting a Deer in Motion

Usually, shooting a deer in motion isn’t always the best option and in this type of situation, it will help if a walking or running deer can be stopped. To be able to stop a deer in motion, a grunting or whistling sound can be made. A slight tap on the deer stand can also stop a moving deer. Once the deer stopped moving, you must be ready to take your shot or else you will only put the deer in an alert mode and make it more difficult for you to take your shot.

There are certain conditions when fallow deer hunting or blackbuck hunting gets more difficult. However by keeping in mind some important guidelines on how to shoot a deer, it wouldn’t be impossible to get a clean shot of your target. Follow the above mentioned tips and you will be guaranteed to take home a trophy harvest!