Gun vs. Bow: What’s the Best Weapon for Fallow Deer Hunting?

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Most hunters are armed with a bow or a rifle during fallow deer hunting. Both pose challenges and difficulties.  A lot of hunters use both rifle and bow and usually, the choice depends on the hunter’s ability to hunt.

This post presents a brief comparison between rifle and bow in order to assist hunters in using the right equipment for the best game hunt experience.

Pros and Cons of Bow Hunting

Bow hunting presents some advantages that some hunters prefer it over gun hunting. First of all, hunters using bow hunts enjoy longer hunting season as compared with those who use rifle for hunting.  This is because bow hunting season is longer than bow hunting, so bow hunters are more privileged to enjoy the best game hunts longer. Another advantage of bow hunting is that the chance for deer to appear is higher because there are fewer people who walk through the woods. With people away from view, animals get the impression that the area is safe and hunters are nowhere near them. Lastly, hunters who chose to use bow for fallow deer hunting usually experience awe as they maintain position that is up close and personal to the animal being hunted.

On the other hand, bow hunting can also present some difficulties. Bow hunters require more time to prepare before a hunt. It involves scouting for the perfect spot to be able to make a good and targeted shot using a bow. Bow hunters also need to be aware that using a bow, a good clean shot can only be done within 40 yards and though, it will be possible to take a shot at a longer distance this can also cause unnecessary wounds to the animal being targeted.

Fallow Deer Hunting

Pros and Cons of Gun Hunting

Like bow hunting, there are also pros and cons associated with gun hunting.

During gun hunting season, there are lots of hunters who will be visible in the woods which can become the reason for deer to be pushed out of their bedding areas and once this happens, it will be a lot easier for gun hunters to make a clear shot on their target. Unlike bows, guns are very powerful that they can hit the target even from a great distance. Gun hunters also favor the idea of using a rifle because it is less expensive than bow hunting gears and accessories. Added time and effort are also no longer required to be able to proceed with bow hunting.

A hunter’s choice of weapon can have a huge effect on how hunting is done. Whether you prefer to hunt using a gun or bow, it will be important to practice safety in order to avoid causing harm to self and to other hunters. Mastery of the weapon also counts and usually it contributes to the best deer hunting experience!