Fixes to Common Bowhunting Errors

A lot of hunters find fulfillment in getting their bows on a deer whether they meant it to get a trophy harvest or to stock on its delicious meat. However, there are times when errors get in the way making it a lot more difficult to miss hitting the animal. Some hunters miss the right spot to make a critical wound. But there are also times when a hunter completely misses the shot.

There are several factors that contribute to missed shots and the good news is, there are simple fixes to correct these errors. This article points out some of the most common bowhunting errors as well as the tips that you can use to improve your hunting skills and never make a missed shot once again.

Axis deer hunting in Texas

How to deal with common bowhunting errors

Error #1: Arrow Deflections

Arrow deflection can occur because of the presence of objects such as branches, clothing, fences and equipment that can easily change the direction of the arrow.

In this type of situation, it is best to cut shooting lanes before the hunt as a preventive measure. You can also bring along some baling wire so you can pull up or down any wire that may obstruct you from your target.

It will also help if you can practice around branches, fences, and trees to be comfortable and successful when you must face that kind of situation.

Error #2: Shooting Over The Back

Usually missed shots over treestands are really high especially if you will shoot arrow from the back. Bow hunters practice from ground level with their target right across them. This technique can bring different results especially if you will make the shot on elevated treestands which offer a completely different angle.

To eliminate the difficulties in placing a targeted shot, proper form is very important. Professional bow hunters usually keep their body straight and bend their arms down to the target when placing the pin on a deer below the treestand. This position allows them to leave their arms straight. On the other hand, bending at the waist allows them to maintain a proper sight picture. To effectively shoot over the back, it is best to make the shot from a treestand or from an elevated platform.

Error #3: Miscalculated Distance

Arrow hunters need to know the distance to be able to aim at a target accurately and get the arrow placed at a point where it should be. A rangefinder can help eliminate the problem and keep you from the trouble of getting missed shots. There are traditional rangefinders and there are hand held 3D rangefinders that will help you in putting your target in focus as it determines the distance from your target.

Bow hunters need to come up with techniques that can eliminate the most common errors in bowhunting using a bow whether they are on axis deer hunts or fallow deer hunting. Bowhunting errors can affect the success of a hunt and it is good to know that there are fixes that can easily overcome these mistakes.