Gold Medal Fallow Deer

Cajun boys Chad and Kenneth from Louisiana booked an Aoudad hunt at V Bharre Ranch. First night sitting in a bow stands Chad and guide Tristian Rusk see something approaching the feeder. Chad looked and said,”Damn Tristian, is that a moose?” Laughing Tristian reply, “no but that’s one nasty Fallow Deer.” Chad, who was in search of a trophy Aoudad had to raise his bow a smoke a arrow into this beautiful gold medal Fallow. Chad made a perfect shot. After gathering back at the processing room you can see that Kenneth’s head started to spin.  Kenneth had already harvested a beautiful 37″ Sable but could not get over the size of the Fallow. Guide Brad Draughon asked Kenneth,”we are still hunting for Aoudad, right?” Kenneth replies,”you bet, but if one of these big fallow happen to present a shot I might be persuaded the trade some horn for antlers.” The next morning the Aoudad outwitted there hunters. So Brad changed game plans and went moose hunting. Later in the morning Kenneth and Brad find a beautiful spotted fallow bedded. Kenneth fires his 7mm mag connecting with this gold medal Fallow. Congrats guys on your moose….oh sorry your fallow deer hunt! “Gold Medal Fallow Deer!”

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Fallow Deer Hunting

Why is Fallow deer hunting greatly favored by hunters going after exotic animals? Because not only are their antlers unique, but when processed correctly (hint, we’ve got processing skills too), they offer some of the best gourmet venison in the world. V-Bharre’s Hunting Ranch is also greatly favored by hunters because at our place they get the best deal with our all-inclusive Texas Fallow deer hunting packages.

Fallow Deer Hunting Results: 2011 Gold Medal Trophy Spotted Fallow

2011 Gold Medal Trophy Spotted Fallow

2011 Gold Medal Trophy Chocolate Fallow

2011 Gold Medal Trophy Chocolate Fallow

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Our ranch has some of the most highly-prized fallow bucks you’ve ever been able to hunt in Texas. Click over to our impressive fallow deer hunting gallery; it’s loaded with photos showcasing just a fraction of the brag-worthy bucks harvested here over the years.

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Now here’s the best part. Take a look at what you get with a fallow deer hunt at our Texas hunting ranch.

Fallow Deer Hunting Package

Fallow Bucks – $6,000

NOT Included with All of Our Fallow Deer Hunts:

  • Gratuity to your guide(s) and staff
  • Airport Transportation – $200 Round Trip
  • Texas Hunting License
  • Custom Processing
  • Caping for Taxidermy $50 Per Head Large Animals and $25 Small Animals

Texas fallow hunts start in mid-August and run through January, so book fast and early for the best selection.

More About Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer have been harvested for over 2,000 years. They are very hardy species and extremely adaptable to varying climates. Adult males grow to be 35-38 inches tall from the shoulder, weigh between 174 to 225 pounds, and have a lifespan of 12-20 years.

There are four basic colors that can help fallow hunting enthusiasts identify them. They can be tan or rust colored with white spots, creamy white, very dark brown, or grayish brown.

Their prized antlers are palmated, or flat like those of a moose, with several large tines that grow anywhere from 15” in length to a trophy size of 28” in length. Their meat is very lean (only 5% to 7% fat) and is succulent with a mild venison flavor.

Texas fallow deer hunting can be extremely challenging. These animals are very cautious and will flee immediately once they sense they are being followed. V-Bharre Ranch believes in allowing fallow deer to reach full maturity. This philosophy allows our hunters to harvest huge gold and silver medal Fallow buck.

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