Axis Deer Hunting Tips

Axis deer hunting is a very popular activity in Texas. Axis deer is an exotic animal known for its big horns and beautiful body. Aside from that, it has a very tasty meat that can create the perfect finale for your hunting trip.

There are different aspects that can play very important parts in making axis deer hunting a one-of-a-kind experience. Read on to know the factors that will help in making your axis deer hunting trip a successful and rewarding experience.

Axis Deer Hunting

Know the Best Time for Axis Deer Hunting

Many hunters consider fall and early winter as the primary season to hunt axis deer. During spring to early fall, axis deer with hard antlers are abundant and they are older and larger. Most hunters consider May through the end of September as the best time for Axis deer hunts because during this season a huge percentage of axis deer are already hard-horned and do not easily break up.

Learn the Practices that Make a Successful Hunt

There are certain hunting practices that will allow you to hunt for a trophy axis deer. Listed below are some of the practices that you should know:

  1. Axis deer love to socialize so they can be found in a large herd during axis deer hunts.
  2. Axis deer roar once alarmed so hunters need to practice a good aim because one missed shot could mean losing the target totally.
  3. Axis deer know when danger is coming and can run at a fast speed to get away from hunters. During axis deer hunts, it is very important for hunters to move quickly but cautiously to make a shot. Movement should be on low profile because it can also alert the other deer nearby and cause them to flee.
  4. Axis deer are very graceful even at high speed to it will be difficult for hunters to get a good shot to catch them.
  5. Axis deer are very curious and this is usually the reason why they are drawn closer to hunters. When this happens, this should be used as the opportunity to make an accurate shot.
  6. Axis deer are sensitive to string scents. Avoid using strong-scented perfumes during axis deer hunts because it will only alert the animal in target.
  7. Axis deer hunts will be successful when the right hunting tools are used. Ideally, a hunting rifle with stand should be used for better stability and to allow gun movement without creating noise. When using bow, paint the arrow with bright color so that retrieval will be easy when you miss your target.
  8. Practice with your hunting tools. Avoid missed shots by practicing with your own tools before going on axis deer hunting.
  9. Don’t allow your presence to be felt. When you set a feeding area, they will scout the place before approaching it.
  10. Take advantage of a place where you can have a good vision of your surroundings. Axis deer can blend with their surroundings and it can be very difficult to spot them. They are also very cautious and will usually graze a wooded area before coming into the open.