Welcome to V-Bharre Ranch’s exotic axis deer hunting photo gallery.

Poke around to see brag-worthy axis bucks that have been harvested here. Then hover your cursor over each thumbnail and/or photo and see the score of that exact animal. You’ll get a helpful visual frame of reference (and the chance to test your scoring skills).

Axis deer hunting photos from V-Bharre Ranch in Texas


Here at V-Bharre Ranch, everyone is dedicated to giving you the best-possible total hunting experience. And whether you’re a seasoned axis hunter or have always wanted your own axis buck trophy, you’ve come to the right place.

Native to the Indian subcontinent, exotic axis deer are undeniably beautiful – with iconic horns and reddish-brown, spotted coats. Plentiful year-round at V-Bharre Ranch, a majestic axis buck is always a coveted trophy. As part of your total hunting package, you get one-on-one attention from an experienced guide (to help make your axis buck trophy dream come true). What’s more, our skilled on-site processors can provide you with lean, world-class gourmet venison to stock your home freezer and/or give away as gifts.

While the predominant season for axis deer hunting is April through September, at V-Bharre Ranch they can be successfully hunted year-round. Here’s what one of our guests had to say about his axis buck hunting adventure with us:

I hunted axis and turkey on May 11th thru 13th. When I arrived Mike, JoBeth, Keith, Brad and his wife Tish were all on hand to welcome me. I have talked to a lot of guys about exotic hunting, and have never met anyone more knowledgeable than Brad. I was prepared to take my axis with bow or rifle. I could have taken him the first evening w/rifle but Brad said, “Wait…we’ll have more chances tomorrow.” On the second evening, I took him with my bow at 27 yards. He had 31 1/2″ main beams w/13″ eye guards. I also shot a turkey w/10 1/4″ beard. Mike and JoBeth made me feel like part of the family from the minute we met. Great staff, food and accommodations, I could go on and on about the experience. I would 100% recommend V-Bharre Ranch. I’LL BE BACK.
~ Mike Johnson

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