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We appreciate all the kudos, thank you’s and kind words from everyone who comes to visit and hunt at V-Bharre Ranch. It wouldn’t be the same without everyone!

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  1. Jason C. Sifford says

    Me and a few of my best friends have hunted V-Bharre before and were just as pleased this time around. Tish does a great job on the food, Brad, Tristan, & Jeremy are great guides who do it your way and have fun while doing it. Jeremy may have a singing contract in his future, “All by myself, don’t wanna be, All by myself”… Hahahaha… These guys are good folk and make the trip a great experience. I shot a very nice and symmetrical Addax, looking forward to coming back and harvesting a scimitar oryx.

    They also do a great job of just letting the experience be… My favorite part of the trip is just spending time with good friends, telling stories, and creating experiences.

    Thanks guys, see you next time.

    Jason C. Sifford

  2. Duane Johnson says

    This was trip number three to V-Bharre Ranch where we had a great Addax hunt. Brad did a super job putting me on the Addax.

    It was good to see Mike and Jo Beth and Brad and Tish again and enjoy the great food.

    If you are looking for a great adventure, you have found it at the Circle V-Bharre Ranch.

    We are looking to next year for trip number 4.

    Patti and Duane

  3. Max Jaques says

    Hey guys, I just wanted to take a moment to thank y’all. I came to V-Bharre to hunt Kudu and boy I was not disappointed. I can not say thank you enough. Brad and his staff are outstanding! We did my hunt with bow and with patience, it paid off big! The moments we were not hunting, we were eating, laughing, and enjoying every second. The lodge is top-notch, the food was great, the ranch outstanding, and the animals of superior quality. I can assure you that we will be returning for another hunt and can not wait. Thank you guys again.

  4. Mark Milleg says

    We had a excellent hunt at the V-Bharre. Brad was awesome to hunt with and the food was outstanding !!!!!! I would recommend hunting at the V-Bharre it is a first class experience. Thanks Again !! Mark & Kara

  5. Mark & Sandra Prater says

    Mike & Jo Beth, can’t say enough about the wonderful time we had while at the V-Bharre.
    Everything was 1st rate from the rooms, the meals and the guides that you have,
    they worked hard to ensure a choice of animals & there was alot of quality animals which made the decisions tough!! Thank you again for the excellent trip that we enjoyed!

  6. Jimmy Chustz says

    Mike and Jo Beth you are very special to Alex and I. Thank you so much for a fantastic weekend.Your hospitality and animal management program is second to none. V-BHARRE Ranch has to be the top rated ranch in the country. We saw multiple whitetail and exotics on every hunt. It was awesome!! Brad, Tristian and the rest of your staff are fantastic as well. Also, it wouldn’t have been the same without your number one son Keith being there. We have been there 3 of the last 4 years and as you know we will be back again next year. You haven’t hunted whitetail until you have been to Circle V-BHARRE Ranch.
    Thank you,

    Jimmy and Alex

  7. Aaron says

    A group of 4 of us (2 youths) hunted there last weekend. We harvested 2 Elk and 2 Fallow. V-Bharre is top notch all the way around. Great food, fantastic lodging and an amazing hunting experience. Tristan will go out of their way to get you on the animal of your choice. A+ all the way around!

  8. mike ramsey says

    Hey guys…just wanted to THANK YA’LL again for one heck of a hunt! I’ll be back for sure just don’t know what I want to shoot yet. Those Fallow sure gave us a hard hunt. Keep up the good work. You guys worked harder than i expected. Damn good food, nice comfortable bed and great fellowship …

  9. Duane Johnson says

    This was our second adventure to the Circle V-Bharre Ranch which was over the top Great. It was a joy to see Owners Mike and Jo Beth Vanecek and Ranch Manger Brad and Tish Draughon again.

    I was looking for either an Axis or a Fallow Deer. Brad put me on a Gold Medal Axis which I took with my S&W 44mag. What a great animal.

    While exploring the Ranch we seen a large Chocolate Fallow Deer and the hunt was on. After six hours of hide and seek, we were able to close the deal on this amazing deer.

    If you are looking for a hunting adventure, the Circle V-Bharre Ranch is the place to go The people are great and the animals are of the highest quality.

    Brad’s knowledge of the animals and the ranch will get you te trophy of a lifetime.

    Thanks again for the great hunt Brad.

    Patti and Duane Johnson
    Ocala, Fl.

  10. Randy and Debbie Williams says

    Thanks to everyone at the V-Bharre Ranch for an awesome trip. We had a fantastic time..the accommodations were top notch, food was excellent, and everyone made us feel like family. Brad put us on an awesome axis the first day…he certainly knows his “stuff”. We hope we’ll be able to make another trip real soon!

  11. Alex N. says

    I returned yesterday from my first hunting trip, ever. What a terrific experience it was for me. Brad was a terrific Guide and person, really honest and a joy to be around. I thought he was incredibly genuine and went above and beyond to ensure that my first hunt was a successful and enjoyable one. I was fortunate and knocked down a 32.5″ Axis buck my first night at V-Bharre and then spent the next day with my cousin hunting his White Fallow which he also bagged.

    Mike and his wife (the owners of V-Bharre Ranch) were outstanding as well. Incredible hospitality and the meals we were served were ridiculous.

    Our group is already planning a return to V-Bharre and HIGHLY recommend this… Great people, animals, service and experience.

  12. Chris Harmon says

    Last week a friend and I made the trip from Wisconsin to Texas to hunt Axis deer on the V-Bharre ranch. Since this was our first trip to a hunting ranch we didn’t know exactly what to expect. What we found was nice lodging good hunting and great food! The ranch and employees of the ranch surpassed all my expectations. I can’t thank Brad our guide enough not only did he put us on great Axis Bucks but he also made sure we enjoyed ourseleves throughout or stay.

    Thanks V-Bharre for the great trophy and memories to match.

    Chris Harmon

    • Brad says

      Thank you Chris and Chad as well. We had a great time with you guys and we greatly appreciated the shipment of Cheese Curds. We will enjoy them to the last bite. We look forward to another visit from you gentleman.

  13. Owen Martin says

    Last fall(2011) I and two others had the chance to hunt the V-Bharre Ranch. We were not dissappointed. In fact we were in awe of the beauty and trophy quality that each species represented. I was looking for a bull elk over 400″. I was happy to find one that was over 450″, and he was taken with my bow!! My other hunting parnter arrowed a bull elk 360+”, and finally the other hunter (a young lady) stalked a fine fallow buck with her Mathews bow. I would like to thank Tristen for guiding us. The hospitality was outstanding.

    Being a veterinarian, it means alot to me to see how well these game animals are managed and taken care of. These animals are beautiful. It is amazing to be there to see them and even more so to take one as a trophy for the trpohy room!

    Thanks Mike!!

    Dr. Owen Martin

  14. Noah Biers says

    I hunted a 350″ b&c elk bull at the V-Bharre ranch and it was by far the best hunt I’ve ever been on. The hospitality was first class and Brad, Mike and Tristen were great as well as the ladies cooking. There was never a dull moment. I got to see two axis fighting…..awesome. I also did a little dove hunting. Brad put me on my desired elk and even recorded my hunt with my camera and got the whole thing documented, it was awesome. I recommend this place to anyone that loves hunting and kicking back with some good people. Thanks again for a awesome time. I and can’t wait for my next hunt at the V-Bharre ranch.

  15. Thomas Malendres says

    My wife Sheila and 3 year old daughter joined me on this hunt and we all had a great time. The accomodations and food is out of this world. Great hospitality. Mr. Mike and Ms. Jobeth…..ya’ll have got it going on. Trisha, Lulu, Niki thank ya’ll for all you have done especially helping us keep up with K’elah. Now, I talked with Brad the whole time I was setting this hunt up and was impressed with his knowledge. Triston, my guide is a top notch. He made me feel confident and relaxed during my hunt. Thank you for all you have done to help us. As you can tell we like hunting and spending time at the V-Bharre Ranch and we will be back. Next time with two guns loaded…. (mama’s jealous!)

    P.S. tell the little donkey and the baby deer that Sheila and K’elah said hi. What a great time!!

  16. says

    Hello Everyone at the V-Bharre Ranch,

    I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful hunting trip. I highly recommend your ranch and your incredible hospitality. I was asked what my favorite part of the trip was and I confess that it’s hard to choose between the dedicated staff, incredible scenery, abundant game and the awesome food. I am looking forward to bringing my sons to you ranch in the future. Please count me as one very satisfied customer.

    By the way I have received all of the meat and have been enjoying immensely.

    Jason Harris, MIT, ERMs

  17. Jerry Leidenfrost says

    The Circle V-Bharre Ranch by far is the best place I’ve ever hunted. I went there to hunt trophy Aoudad with archery equipment. Let me tell you Brad the [PH] put him up close and personal. This guy does his homework. I took a gold medal Aoudad with archery at 15 yards. The set up was perfect. This place can’t be put into words. You need to go there and just do it. The animals are outstanding and believe me you will see alot of them too!! Like Brad said, “You come as a friend and leave as family”. This couln’t be and more true. Mike, Jobeth, Tisha, and most of all Brad……Thank you!!

    P.S. I’ll be back in May

  18. Devin Glass says

    My name is Devin Glass and I have recently gone on the summer combo hunt. I harvested a 31 2/3 axis deer and a 32 inch Dall Ram. I have just gotten the axis deer meat back an it is the best deer meat I’ve ever had. I’m very happy going to this ranch no where else in Texas can you hunt such a variety of exotic game. I can’t wait come back to this awesome ranch. P.S. I’m the only 11 year old in my neighborhood who has gone to this incredible ranch

  19. Stephen Glass says

    I took my 11 year old son for his first ever hunt at V-Bharre. He shot a trophy Axis the first evening we were there and a Texas Dall Sheep the second day. Tristen his guide was phenomenal. He made the whole trip go well and spent a lot time making sure my sons trip was perfect. It was also a lot of fun hanging out with Mike and Brad. Mike, Jo Beth and Trish made some awesome meals and we never went hungry. Everything was first class and we look forward to returning. Thanks everyone for some lifetime memories!

  20. John Yanni says

    Just got back from a weekend hunt at the Circle V-Bharre. It was my 6th trip to the ranch. Somebody is doing something the right way!!! Those somebodies include the host and hostess Mike and JoBeth, the ph Brad and Tisha the other guide Tristen. It is truly a place to hunt for trophy animals from a wide variety of species. On my visits I’m looking for an exceptional animal. Finding the suitable animal can take time and the entire staff is supportive and willing to do the extra to make the hunt successful. If you are looking for a family friendly top notch hunting experience with great accomodations and meals do not look further than the circle V-Bharre Ranch. But don’t take my next spot because I will be back.

  21. Eric C. says

    Spent another phenomenal weekend with the V-Bharre Ranch. You will be greeted on your first visit with a handshake, but they will see to it that you depart as part of the family. The facilities are first-class and the hunting is in a league of its own. You will be able to hunt exactly how you want and solicit advice from expert guides if needed. The accommodations and food are simply amazing…Mike’s BBQ and Jo Beth’s monkey bread are more than worth your time and money. The entire ranch is ran with the utmost care keeping a single goal in mind: Make sure every single guest has a great experience. They are set-up to handle every part of your hunt including processing of your trophy. I just truly do not know what more anybody could ask for in a hunting experience. Great people, great food and great hunting!

  22. Bob Thrift says

    At the V-Bharre you’re not a guest, you’re family. Professionally treated in a relaxed family atmosphere. Never been anywhere with a greater variety of animals. Shot my Axis first evening and got to play they rest of the weekend. Tristen was a tremendous guide who kept things entertaining every day. Fishing, picture taking, and bone jaring ride in the Polaris Razr. Did I mention the food? Stayed fat and happy all weekend. Life doesn’t get much better than at the V-Bharre.

  23. Jim Reisman says

    Hunted this past weekend with Brad at the V-Bharrre Ranch. Brad guided me to within 20yds of a Scimitar Oryx bull, , where I shot it with my cross-bow. All the meat processing and caping right onsite, and the taxidermist picked up my cape and called me within 3 days. The accomodations and food were comfortable and delicious.
    I will be back!!

  24. Chris Sonnamaker says

    Like so many have said before…If your looking for a place with a casual Texas atmosphere, great food and fellowship and a GREAT place to hunt the V-Bharre Ranch is the place to go!!! Special thanks to Mike. Brads knowledge of the animals is amazing and it was an adventure from daylight till dark. So come on to the V-Bharre for your next hunt. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
    Tell everyone hello…..and give my buddy Scout a scratch behind his ears. What a hunting dog.
    Take care and see you soon.

    P.S MY “bucket list” keeps growing :)

  25. Keith Bishop says

    Had an outstanding time at the V Bharre Ranch. The food was outstanding and the accomodations were excellent. The casual atmosphere of the ranch made for a great hunting experience. Next time I am bringing my whole family. Only regret was having to leave early. Thanks Mike and Brad

  26. says

    I have been hunting since I was 6 years old. The too-short amount of time my son and I were allowed to spend at V Bharre Ranch is simply one of the best huting experiences of my life. The accomodations are excellent. The food is spectacular, and the hunting experience is like no other in Texas. The family atmosphere surrounding the ranch leads to a no-pressure, hassle-free, totally satisfying experience. I can’t wait to go back with my family and hunt with Keith and Mike again! Please feel free to contact me any time as a reference.

  27. Duane Johnson says

    On returning home, my wife Pat and I felt like we had never left. When you arrive at the V-Bharre Ranch you are made to feel like you are home. Mike, Brad and Trish make you feel like old friends which I am sure we will be.
    After getting settled in the lodge, Brad and I went to the range to check my weapons.
    On the second day I harvested a gold metal Red Stag with a 44 mag hand gun, which with Brad’s knowledge of the animals made it happen. They then prepaired the cape for the taxidermist and processed the meat. First Class!!
    I have been in many hunting camps but they cannot meet the quality and friendship of the V-Bharre Ranch.
    If you want a hunt you will remember for a life time, this is where you want to have it. Top quality animals, plus GREAT GUIDES. You can’t top it!!!

    Thanks Brad and to all the staff at the V-Bharre Ranch. See you in May.

    Duane and Patti

  28. Charles says

    I just finished my second hunt…

    If your thinking about booking a hunt make sure you read the following  

    When you rest a night in the lodge you will want to move in. But sorry you will have to return home sometime.
    When you eat a meal prepared by JoBeth and Trish you will gain weight. So diet before or after booking.
    When you meet the owners prepare yourself because, you will leave with new friends. 
    When you spend a day with your guide relax because he will soon be  your ol’hunting buddy. 
    When you harvest your game be prepared for picture showing ,to your now, jealous friends back home. 
    When you Book a hunt on the V-Bharre you have nothing to lose except that “Old place you use to hunt”

    Lastly , When you  hunt the V-Bharre you will become addicted so prepare for a intervention. 

    To everyone on the V-Bharre 
    Thanks for another great adventure.

  29. Mark Zawlocki says

    I’m just getting back home from a wonderful time on the V-Bharre Ranch! I’d searched for several months for my 40th Birthday hunt before choosing an Elk on the V-Bharre. Boy, was that a great decision!!! This place is 5 star from top to bottom. Brad’s knowledge of the Ranch & the game on it is 2nd to none. I told him what my dream Bull would look like & he delivered in Spades!!!! You know you’ve got something special when people stop you on the way home just to take a picture of the HUGE rack in my pick up bed.
    I enjoyed the different ways you can take your trophy on V-Bharre. You can set on stand, take your shot from the high rack, or spot & stalk. Brad & I did a spot & stalk to get my trophy. This was a challenge for even a seasoned hunter. When the hunt was over, that’s when the real work began. I chose to have the staff at V-Bharre process my Elk. Another good choice. By 3:30 the next afternoon my animal was completely processed!! Tish, JoBeth & their 2 helpers went the extra mile to get my Elk ready to transport.
    The food & lodging were even better than advertised! I’m still full! If you leave the table wanting at V-Bharre it’s your fault. I can still taste the sticky chicken!
    Thanks to Brad, Tish, Mike, JoBeth & the whole staff for memories to last a lifetime! Can’t wait to get back & make many more!!

  30. Jamie Arnold says

    Awesome is what comes to mind! My husband took me on this hunt as an anniversary present. I didn’t know what to expect, but I am so delighted for what he introduced me too. I took a huge BULL ELK, the type people only dream of. The hospitality is second to none. The owners Mike and Jo-Beth are wonderful they treat you as if they have known you a life time. Our guide Brad and his wife Tish are equally awesome. Brad knows his stuff and will make every effort to get you what you want. Tish is a sweetheart, both her and Jo-Beth can prepare a feast that is unparalled. I recommend this ranch anyone. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! I promise. Again Thank You V-Bharre ranch.
    Jamie and Charles

  31. Craig Wandling says

    My grandson Jayden and I were at the ranch on Oct. 26th-28th,2010. Mike and Jobeth were excellent hosts. They are very nice people who want nothing more than for you to have a great time. The ranch is a beautiful piece of land that is secluded and far away from any distractions. Truly a relaxing place to be. I was amazed at the variety and quality of the animals.

    Brad was my guide for the duration of our hunt. To me he was the best thing about the trip. He picked us up at the airport and waited for us even though our flight was late. He was up and met us at breakfast and spent the entire day with us each day right up until bedtime. His only goal in life for those couple of days was to treat us like a million bucks. When we started hunting on the first evening I asked him what I should expect from the hunt and we discussed the options available. He told me he would do what ever I wanted and that there was no pressure to do anything that I didn’t want to do. I wanted to get a quality Oryx. It is a beautiful animal that was 39 7/8″ exactly what I had hoped for. I also made a special request to take a ram if possible. Unfortunately my budget wouldn’t allow me to get the trophy rams that the V-BHARRE has (record book quality). He made arrangements to take me to another ranch and get a good quality ram that fit into my budget. To me that speaks volumes about the desire to please your customer. Brad wanted his young daughter to get a ram as well so I asked him to bring her with us. A great time was had by all. Jayden had a smile from ear to ear the whole time we were there.

    We even got to participate in darting and moving some animals to be transferred to a different ranch. What a blast and a greaat learning experience for me and Jayden.

    I hope Mike and Jobeth realize what a gem they have in Brad. One of the best guides I have come across. I will definately be going back in the future. I plan on having my grandson (7) trained to shoot by next year and let him take his first animal. I would highly recommend a trip to the V-BHARRE. I will go back just to hunt with Brad and have a great hunting experience.

  32. Janis & JD Armstrong says

    My husband and I just got back from being at V-BHARRE ranch for our honeymoon and we had a better time than what we planned for! We were married on October 2nd, 2010 and arrived late the following evening. We slept in the most comfortable bed ever which they would not let us bring home (lol) and awoke to a delicious breakfast. We immediately left to look at animals and finally saw my Nilgai just as the sun was setting. We came back to the lodge and sat down to a wonderfully prepared prime rib roast that had been cooked in celebration of our marriage. The next morning we stalked my Nilgai until late afternoon and our guide, Brad, was able to line me up with one amazing shot from the buggy.The Nilgai got loaded up, skinned and cleaned and then we went after JD’s Oryx. We were able to find him right away and Brad instructed us on an excellant shot placement. We had such a great time touring the beautiful terrain, looking at top quality animals and being treated as part of the family. We always felt welcome and there was never a lack of great food. From prime rib, smoked cornish hen tacos to fresh fried bass with ettouffee…all I have to say is we got spoiled and gained a little weight!We look forward to coming back as soon as we are able. Thank you to Mike, JoBeth, Tish and Brad for giving us the trophies of our dreams (9″ Nilgai and a 40″ Oryx) and letting us have the time of our lives!

  33. David Wendt, Sr. says

    My Son David, Grandsons Shawn, and Brian, and I just got back from an outstanding hunt at the V-Bharre ranch. I cannot say enough good things about this ranch, from the beautiful, well laid out grounds, to the great meals cooked and served by Mike, JoBeth, and Tish. Everyone made us feel comfortable and right at home.
    Even though I am handicapped, Brad and all the others went out of their way to accommodate me without making me feel handicapped.
    Our very first day there, I shot a trophy buffalo with a cross bow. Brad and Derrick were very patient and worked very hard to get the exact buffalo I wanted.
    Later that day, they took my 10 year old grandson Brian out to shoot his first deer. Again, Brad made sure Brian’s first hunt was a memorable one. He shot a trophy fallow buck!
    Next, day Brad took my son, David Jr., out. He shot a world record Eland with a handgun! Then, later that day, Derrick took my grandson, Shawn out and he shot a trophy Persian Ibex!
    One of the greatest things about this ranch is Brad and Derrick worked it out so we could all stay together to see each others hunt.
    Next, they processed our animals right there. Their system is first class. You can watch the whole process and even take part if you want. They also recommended a taxidermist.
    I want to thank everyone for a great hunt and vacation. I would recommend V-Bharre Ranch to anyone who wants a great hunting experience! Everyone there, and the accommodations exceed your expectations. True Texas hospitality.

  34. jayne longnecker-harper says

    Hello to the great folks at V Bharre Ranch!! My husband, son, grandson and I just got back from one of the greatest times of our lives!! We were hosted by the Vanecek family and treated like royalty. We hunted the best Elk in the State of Texas, got the meat processed and packed ready for us to drive it back to California. We can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our stay and our hunt. Will hope to meet you again hunting some other amazing animals!! Mike, Darren already used some of your secrets on his elk!! Yummy stuff!! Jo Beth fed us in great style, and the system for dealing with the elk from start to finish was really amazing! We have lots of pictures and lots of good feelings and memories. See you again and thanks again for everything. Hugs….. Jaynie, Don, Darren and Tyler, (who shot his first jackrabbit!!)

  35. Jeremy Loughry says

    First class people and a first class operation. My guide Brad, worked diligantly to make this a memorable hunt, was very knowledgable and helpfull throughout my stay. Keith, Mike and there family made me feel at home from the second I arrived until I left. The food and lodging were excellent. I have been to several whitetail and exotic ranches, but this was bar none the best and I look foward to returning for many more memorable hunts. Thank you very much.

    Jeremy Loughry

  36. Caesar Bacarella says

    Best way to describe V-Bharre ranch is top notch. All animals are top quality. No one rushing you to harvest just anything. Brad is an excellent guide . Brad tries his best on helping you harvest a great trophy and he actually has a great personality and makes your hunt lots of fun and Keith thanks for the crab legs and scallops for dinner food was excellent. I’m already booked to come back in October. If you want top quality hunt and great experience V- Bharre to me is hands down the best . Once again top of the line ranch and monster bulls. Thanks you and see you in October . Caesar

  37. Caesar Bacarella says

    Best way to describe V-Bharre ranch is top notch. All animals are top quality. No one rushing you to harvest just anything. Brad is an excellent guide . Brad tries his best on helping you harvest a great trophy and he actually has a great personality and makes your hunt lots of fun and Keith thanks for the crab legs and scallops for dinner food was excellent. I’m already booked to come back in October. If you want top quality hunt and great experience V- Bharre to me is hands down the best . Once again top of the line ranch and monster bulls.

  38. Kelly Smith says

    I went on a Fallow hunt and must say that I was truly impressed from start to finish. Mike, Brad and His Family were fantastic and made me feel right at home as soon as I walked through the door. The accommodations, food and meat processing facility were top of the line. This is not a canned hunt by any stretch of the imagination; the animals are wary and will test your resolve and patience. I can’t say enough about my guide, Brads knowledge about the game and their habits, uncanny ability to spot animals in some very thick cover, his unrelenting hard work and willingness to do whatever it took to ensure my hunt was successful was unparallel. During my hunt the heat index was a balmy 106-112 degrees which would normally be a show stopper but because of Brad’s ingenuity of placing a cooler of ice with a battery powered fan on top, our blind stayed at a comfortable level. Everyone took the extra steps to ensure I had a successful and memorable hunt which resulted in me harvesting two exceptional Fallow bucks, one having a 35” spread and the other having 6” palms and mass throughout his rack. You cannot go wrong by booking a hunt with the V-Bharre Ranch. I will be coming back for all my exotic hunts as they have exceptional trophies for all the species they have listed.

    Kelly Smith
    San Antonio, Texas

  39. Charles Hanger says

    First class all the way. Do not hesitate….Book today you will be glad you did. Hurry because I’m booking again and again….


  40. Shelby Akers says

    I hunted V-BHARRE Ranch in June and to say that my experience was fantastic would be the understatement of the year! Everything from the airport pick up to the airport drop off was much, much more than I had expected. All of the staff at the ranch was some of the finest people I have ever met and they certainly made me feel right at home!
    There is no way words can explain how fine the food was as I can honestly say, it was some of the best I have ever eaten! I will also add the lodging could not have been any better. The hunt produced some beautiful trophies including an unofficial world record Scimitar Horned Oryx. I have hunted many, many places including Africa and the V-BHARRE Ranch is now one of my favorite hunting destinations, a ranch that will be at the top of my list to visit for some of the finest Exotic hunting you will find anywhere on the planet! May I close by saying thanks to everyone at the ranch for such a fantastic experience and if you haven’t contacted Keith yet to book your hunt, what are you waitin’ for? He’s a “pretty good ole boy” and did I mention the huntin’ is pretty good to? Can’t wait to hunt with them again.

    Shelby Akers
    West Virginia

  41. Matt Shelton says

    The V-Bharre ranch experience was everything I imagined and then some. I recently began hunting exotics and was not sure what to expect. Form the minute we arrived Keith and Brad made us feel at home. The ranch consisted of many exotics, but it did not stop there. The V-Bharre is loaded with TROPHY exotics. What stood out to me when comparing this ranch to others I have been was the true trophy exotic opportunities. I killed a trophy mouflon, addix, and an exceptional blackbuck. The food and accomodations were also top notch. This has been a 5 star weekend and I look forward to many more. Way too many trophies…Way too little time!!!

    Looking forward to my next visit…
    Thanks again,
    Matt Shelton
    Burleson, TX

  42. winn adami says

    The V-Bharre ranch is an incredible hunting ranch. During my visit i saw some outstanding trophy exotics. The African game looked as healthy as they would in their natural environment. Along with the animals, the lodging and the service are top of the line. I have been looking for a world class Blackbuck antelope for over 10 years. The V-Bharre helped me accomplish one my dreams by putting me on a 30+ inch monster blackbuck. This is the first of hopefully many more hunting experiences at the V-Bharre.

    Hope to see you soon,
    Winn Adami
    San Antonio, Texas

  43. paul meyers says

    V-Bharre ranch consists of some of the finest exotics animals that I have seen personally. This is coming from a hunting guide from the west. As a matter of fact I spend at least 5 to 6 weeks a year hunting exotics in Texas. This ranch ranks up there with the best ranches that I have spent time at. The main reason I came to the V-Bharre ranch was to hunt a sable , a long life dream with a bow. Thank you Keith for making that dream come true. Brad, as a fellow hunting guide thank you for your time and effort. I couldn’t ask for much more from you, your awesome dude to hunt with. Mike, Jo Beth and staff was there for everything a person could ask for. Added bonus I think I put on about 10 pounds from the fine food. For all you bow nuts in the world that love hunting exotics…I shot the #3 sable TGR in the world, and the #13 mouflon ram TGR in the world.
    Paulie will be back. This will be the start of something special. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!


  44. Paul Crissman says

    Paul, Clyde, Gary and Coby
    We hunted Axis in June on the V-Ranch. Keith picked us up at the airport and for the next three days we were treated like family. Everyone at the ranch made us feel at home. The lodge is beautiful and the family meals were excellent. ( You have to taste Mike’s brisket.) They went out of their way to accommodate us. The guides were friendly and very knowledgeable. They prepared our hides and meat for the flight home. I can’t tell you all the things they did to make sure we had a great hunt. If you want to hunt Exotics, and I mean hunt, make your reservations for the V-Ranch. You will see so many beautiful animals. You won’t be sorry!
    Thanks so much,
    Paul – Bakersfield, Ca.

  45. Mike Johnson says

    I hunted Axis & Turkey on May 11th thru 13th. When I arrived Mike, JoBeth, Keith, Brad and his wife Tish were all on hand to welcome me. I have talked to alot of guys about exotic hunting. I have never met anyone more knowledgeable than Brad. I was prepared to take my Axis w/bow or rifle. I could have taken him the 1st evening w/rifle, but Brad said, wait we’ll have more chances tomorrow. On the 2nd evening I took him w/bow @ 27 yards. He had 31-1/2″ main beams w/13″ eye guards. Also shot a Turkey w/10-1/4″ beard. Mike & JoBeth made me feel like part of the family from the minute we met. Great staff, food and accomodations, I could go on & on about the experience. I would 100% recommend V-Bahrr ranch. I’LL BE BACK. Thank you

    Mike Johnson
    Glendale, Arizona

  46. Roy and Shirley Eastlick says

    The V-Bharre ranch experience is the top adventure of our hunting lives, which includes 57 years of my wonderful wife and I hunting together. I took a great trophy Axis and and my wife took a great trophy Blackbuck. The animals are great and very well cared for and trophies around every corner. Brad, our PH was what every guide should be, knowledgeable, caring and understanding of our desires pertaining to this hunt. Tisha, JoBeth and Mike made sure we were fed like KINGS!! Keith took us varmint hunting one evening. Tisha, JoBeth and Courtney made sure that every little detail back at the lodge was taken care of. Shirley and I we more impressed than could ever know. Wonderful trophies were harvested and we look forward to a return visit.

    Thank you so much….
    Your Friends,
    Roy and Shirley Eastlick

  47. Ted Johnson says

    What a hunt!!
    Thanks to all the folks at V-Bharre ranch. Special thanks to my guide Buster. He never stopped trying to keep me happy! Boy am I. I got a 28 1/2″ Aoudad with my 1895 Winchester in 405 cal. at 130 yards. They called in a big Rio Grande Turkey that I shot with a pistol. To top it off my guide took me varmint hunting. I saw 2 Bobcats, missed one and I got one. You will not find a better place to go. Have not had time to try Aoudad ka-bobs but will let you know how they are.
    Thanks to all…

  48. Trey Becan says

    Hey Keith,
    Just wanted to let you know how great your ranch was. The amount of different species you have out there is amazing and the size they all are is even more amazing! The Dall Sheep we stalked and shot was by far the best I have seen and I had a blast hunting it.

    Your facilities are amazing and I am still in awe over the processing facility you have on your ranch. It is state of the art and I would put that against any game processing facilities I have seen before. Looking forward to coming back! Thanks again!

  49. Earle Dodd says

    The old saying “If it sounds to good to be true it probably is” does not apply to the V-BHARRE RANCH experience. The owners and staff are fantastic people. You are treated like family from start to finish. I would like to thank Mr. Mike and Mrs. JoBeth for all the hospitality and Keith, and Tristan for all the fun in the field. If the Water Buffalo tastes half as good as the experience, it will be great. Can’t wait to return.

    P.S. Thank yall for everything. Keith be sure to get some more golf balls.

  50. Mark Warren says

    I recently had the pleasure of hunting Buffalo at V-Bharre ranch. I had researched other ranches all over Texas and finally chose V-Bharre. Having done such extensive research I thought I knew what to except…boy was I wrong. Everything, and I mean everything, about V-Bharre thoroughly exceeded my expectations. From the moment I first arrived at the ranch, I was treated like family. The accommodations were phenomenal. The lodge is first class, nestled in the middle of 1,000 acres of a manicured hunter’s paradise. The food was nothing short of amazing. The processing room would make any restaurateur jealous, and the outdoor patio was pure Texas pride. Mike, Jo Beth, and Keith seemed to know what I needed even before I did and they provided it for me! But the reason I went in the first place, the hunt, was the best part of all. Taking a tour of the ranch made me wonder if I was even still in Texas. We saw Zebras, Sable, Black Buck, Addax, Wildebeest, Water Buffalo…the list goes on and on, If you’re a hunter, V-Bharre is truly a little slice of heaven. Every single animal we saw was an amazing specimen. Gold medal animals seemed to pop up around every corner. I quickly realized that Keith has forgotten more about hunting than I will ever know. His expert guidance led me to killing my first Buffalo, with a handgun! My new friends at V-Bharre, Mike, Jo Beth, and Keith are not business people looking to sell hunting packages. They are hunters who are passionate about what they do and they want to pass their passion onto you. I could not possibly rate my experience any higher, and will be coming back in the future. And I promise you, when I do, I will be remembered and welcomed with open arms. Thank you for a perfect experience Vanecek family!

    Mark Warren
    Mansfield, TX

  51. Terry Curley says

    I came to the ranch for the first time to hunt a mouflon and had a great time. We got there on a Friday and were greeted with open arms. I was feeling ill one day and the crew treated me like family. I cannot say enough good things about the crew at Vbharre ranch. I am going back soon but this time I am going to shoot a buffalo.

  52. Ray Young says

    I came to the ranch with some friends to hunt some exotic animals. I was not disappointed in any way. In fact we had a great time hunting. I shot a buffalo. I must say the crew pulled out all the stops. The accommodations were spectacular and the service was next to none. I can not wait to eat some buffalo steaks. I will happily go back again.

    Thanks so much for a great experience! Ray

  53. Keith Teel says

    Let me start by saying that it is a unanimous decision from my family and I that our experience at the V-Bharre ranch was phenomenal, they are a first class operation. Jo Beth, Mike and Keith all make you like a part of their family. My daughters did not want to leave they had a wonderful time–thank you Keith!
    The food was fantastic and the accommodations are 5 star; the association with the guides and preparation for the hunt was spot on. What can I say, my hunting experience was one to remember! Not only was my guide, Keith, outstanding, but he exceeded my expectations….I shot a MONSTER bull with my bow.
    Trust me when I say this, the V-Bharre has many exceptional animals!
    Everyone at the ranch is wonderful, it is a place that you will want to return to year after year.
    I’d like to say “thank you” to everyone at the ranch for the wonderful memories and a trophy of a lifetime!

    Keith, Shelley, Lauren & Taylor Teel

  54. Thomas McComic says

    My family and I visited the V-Bharre Ranch and had an amazing time! Mike, Jo Beth, Keith, and Tristan were exceptional!

    This was a first-class hunt, from the ranch itself, to Mrs. Jo Beth and Mike’s cooking – totally top notch! The guides made sure we had the animal of our choice and we were never rushed.

    I wanted to put a trophy buffalo down with my bow. My guide, Keith, made it happen. It was an experience I will never forget and more than I ever imagined it could be. My 13 year old son decided to take a dall sheep. Tristan waited patiently while he decided which animal and made it happen for him! From the hunt to the processing, each aspect was professional and first rate.

    My family and I will be back for many more hunts. I highly recommend the V-Bharre Ranch, whether it be for a first time hunter, or a family hunt. I would just like to say “Thank you” to everyone at the Ranch! This was definitely a hunt of a lifetime- and I mean a “real hunt” – this was by no means easy – it was extremely challenging, but well worth the effort!

    Thomas, Tammy, Luke & Taylor McComic – Midland, TX

  55. Steve Abla says

    I can’t thank you enough for all your hospitality during my Aoudad hunt. The V-Bharre ranch is beautiful and loaded with exotics. I did not expect the quality of your animals to be so outstanding. Mike and Jo Beth made me feel like I was part of the family and not a guest. The lodge is gorgeous and very clean. Jobeth’s meals were absolutely delicious. Upon my arrival, they took me on a tour of the ranch and showed me the nearly 1,000 acres facilities. The Aoudads were so numerous I could not decide which one to harvest. I finally took an outstanding trophy my first evening. I can’t wait to come back and try for one of your beautiful Sables.

  56. Alex Chustz says

    Mr. Mike

    I would like to thank you, your wife, son and all the wonderful people who made our hunt so wonderful. Not only did we bag a beautiful whitetail buck, aoudad sheep, turkery and fox, you made us feel like a part of your family. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated. Your ranch is beautiful. We can not wait to get back there. We saw beautiful deer everyday. We have told several of our friends about your ranch and how wonderful it was. We will see you again this year.

    By the way, my dad told me to tell you something.


  57. Steve Royer says

    As a first time hunter the guys at V-Bharre made the experience unforgettable. I shot a 38″ Black Hawaiian Ram with a bow, AMAZING!!! They made sure that we were comfortable at all times and that we were all having a great time. The ranch itself is beautiful and full of beautiful wildlife. I highly recommend this ranch to any and everyone, it truly is a wonderful experience and you will not be disappointed.

    Steve Royer

  58. Chris Brown says

    AWESOME experience !
    This is not your normal hunting ranch, V-BHARRE is unbelievable! I have been very fortunate to have hunted many places over the last several years and V-BHARRE is the best. Everything from the Quality of the animals to the processing was first class. The people at V-BHARRE will go above and beyond your expectations . Went on a Fallow hunt with a bow and shot a MONSTER ! I have not one complaint about my hunt and would Highly recommend this Ranch to everyone.

  59. Brett & Jack Hall says

    V-BHARRE IS A * * * * * STAR outfit all the way from top to bottom! There is truly nothing in the operation that is left unattended.
    From the family hospitality to the photographic and hunting opportunities thru the fantastic foods, we always love our time at the ranch.
    As you know, the trips to your ranch are earned in my house. Jackson has the opportunity to earn new animals to hunt by grades and behavior. A great tool for a parent! And hundreds of hours of discussion, planning and celebrating.
    Jackson is thrilled with his Four-Horn ram, it can’t get back from taxidermist quick enough. Plenty adults look at the picture and say “I never knew there was an animal that looked like that!” The trophy room is stacking up.
    I continue to enjoy the great cuts of meats done in the processing facitity by Mike and the team. This is a real tallent and your team has it mastered! We can’t wait to get back for a new hunting experience….

    Brett Hall – Zebra, Waterfowl
    Jackson Hall – Whitetail, Waterfowl, Trophy Tom, Mouflon Ram, Jacob’s Sheep

  60. Victor Everett says

    The V-BHARRE RANCH is one of the “PREMIER” hunting experiences you will ever have in your life. From the moment that you are loaded aboard the Helicopter for the flight to the Ranch to the final days hunt everything in between exceeds your expectations. The Whitetail are World Class and the Exotics are as numerous and different as you can imagine. As all hunters know the animals are what we come for, but it sure is nice to also have 5-STAR accommodations, meals and guest services. I would recommend this hunt to anyone that seeks MEMORIES FOR A LIFETIME. Thanks Mike, JoBeth, Keith and the rest of the gang at V-BHARRE.

  61. Travis Clarke says

    A hunt at V-BHARRE Ranch is an absolutely phenomenal experience. Every aspect of your hunt has had 110% put into it. The accommodations are very clean and the meals were delicious! The guides really take care of you before during and after you fire the shot. You are not rushed in any way. There are so many trophy animals it keeps you begging for more. Looking forward to going back next year. Have to make room in my freezer first, I have two freezers filled with a beautifully processed buffalo. V-BHARRE stands up to its statement as “Texas’ premiere hunting ranch.” You will not leave disappointed.

    Travis Clarke

  62. Jason Edwards says

    VERY SATISFIED – I brought my wife and young son to VBHARRE Ranch for a weekend getaway and also to seek a Texas exotic. Lodging and company were welcoming and made me and my family feel very comfortable. The food was excellent and even specially catered towards my young son. My wife was very pleased with the cleanliness and authenticity of this Texas ranch. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of wildlife and all the extra activities the ranch offers. Keith, my guide, was extremely patient as I decided which exotic to take. I connected on the third morning with a gold medal blackbuck. My family and I were extremely impressed and will be going back next year, I’d highly recommend it! Please feel free to email if you’d like.

    Jason Edwards

  63. Tom Hardeman says

    AMAZING! I had the pleasure of hunting at V-Bharre Ranch last year and had such a good time I decided to bring my son’s back this year. Our experience could not have been better, the true definition of Texas hospitality. The accommodations are exceptional, and the food is over the top. The number of world class animals is mind blowing. Just driving through the exotic pasture is worth the trip. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for trophy whitetail or exotic’s, you can’t beat V-Bharre Ranch. I’m amazed at their ability to meet, and exceed, your every request. Our group harvested 7 different species of animals, each one was an exceptional experience. The guides really cater to your needs. The processing of our trophies was better and easier than I’ve seen any place. You won’t find a better option for a truly great hunting experience. Tom Hardeman

  64. Pat Fowler says

    This was my first exotic hunt on V-Bharre Ranch and they exceeded my expectations. The abundant wildlife and the quality of the trophies was truly amazing. There processing facility is the best I have seen. I will be back next year. Special thanks to Mike and Jo Beth for a great experience.

  65. M. Keith Vanecek says

    In 2008 I was fortune enough to harvested a whitetail scoring 184 4/8″ here at V-Bharre. Since, I have also harvested over 5 different species of exotics including the #2 all time SCI male Orxy, # 10 SCI male Sable, #55 SCI Mouflon, a pending #1 SCI archery Dall Sheep and a 33″ Axis. V-Bharre Ranch is truly a special place that my family is very proud to be apart of. I would encourage every outdoorman to consider V-Bharre Ranch their trusted destination for an exceptional hunting experience supported by exceptional staff, lodging and most importantly TROPHY ANIMALS!!!

    Keith Vanecek

    Please feel free to contact me 817-925-7754

  66. Bloise A. (Bo) Hill says

    DROVE FROM GEORGIA. – Simple and neat with no airport security hassels. Venison from a 138″ 10pt Whitetail stayed rock hard frozen during 16 hour drive in the cooler. Saw trophy Whitetail bucks every time morning and night from Mike’s super stands. Nearly 15 trophy bucks in the morning and 15 again in the evening all from different locations for each of three days. One buck, a 180″ plus is perfect, I call him Cary Grant, was in football passing range. Hope to see him or his brother next season and have my son with me. I’m coming back to get a monster Whitetail and my son a Fallow Deer. email me if you like, need to get a group together.
    Bo Hill
    100 Wiondridge Drive
    Fayetteville, GA 30215

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