Kudu Hunting

Also known as Greater Kudu.  Originates from Africa.

Tall, lithe antelope with broad ears.  Vertical white lines across grayish brown body.  Male has mane from throat to chest and keeled horns with open spiral.  Adult horns spiral two, or exceptionally, three times.  Horn length 40″+ with large horns exceeding 60″.  Female hornless.  Males weight 420-600 lbs.  Female 250-475 lbs.

2012 Kudu

Kudu are dedicated browsers.  Choices flexible amoung a wide variety of tree leaves, creepers, tree seedlings, pods, and fruits.  Include quantities of forbs when available.  Seem unharmed by some caustic and spiny selections as long as balanced by other foods. Kudu feed nearly half the night as well as during the day.
Kudu drink at dawn and dusk, also noon if hot. Kudu require warm a warm climate. Texas is perfect for them. Excellent jumpers. Breeding season – January or especially in February. Kudu must have a 10′ high fence. They have been known to jump a 8.5′ fence.

Here at V Bharre Ranch we offer the perfect habitat for these majestic trophies. So be prepared to be amazed on your Texas safari as you see a 50″ Kudu hidden in the bush.

Kudu Price – $12,500 and UP

Complimentary with All of Our Kudu Hunts

  • 3 days and 2 nights lodging
  • Meals and beverages throughout the hunt
  • 1 on 1 guide
  • Full trophy care (field dressing, capping, quartering trophy for transportation)
  • Trophy fishing
  • Gun and bow range

NOT Included with All of Our Kudu Hunts

  • Grauity to your guide(s) and staff
  • Airport Trasportation – $200 Round Trip
  • Texas Hunting License
  • Custom Processing
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