Exotic Hunting

Did you ever think that you could go big game exotic hunting in Texas?

The answer is, “Yes you can.”

With V-Bharre’s exotic hunting packages, be assured that you will have one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Exotic hunting is our specialty and we want to have the chance to provide the best big game hunts to you by offering a range of exotic hunting packages.


Located in the beautiful Texas hill country, V-Bharre Hunting Ranch offers all-inclusive exotic hunting packages. That means 3 days and 2 nights in our historical Spanish Hacienda Hunting Lodge, all the food you can eat, snacks and beverages for the hunt, and your own personal experienced guide.

We hunt from high quality blinds, bow blinds, tripods and safari-styled vehicle. Expect your exotic hunt to be photographed and filmed. Our expert guides will field dress, cape, and handle your trophy processing needs.

Gemsbok Bull

We welcome couples and families who want to do exotic hunting together, as well as first time hunters. Rifle hunting is encouraged but we also permit bows and pistols. Be sure to bring your ammo, your camo, and your Texas hunting license so you’ll be ready to go on an amazing exotic hunt.

 What Exotic Animals Do We Have?

One of the best things about V-Bharre Ranch is that it keeps up with the seasons. Taking into account breeding and maturation, we provide the best exotic game to hunt when the animals are of sufficient trophy size. This allows us to offer a variety of exotics year-round, and affords you the best animals for exotic hunting each season.

Choose an exotic animal to hunt from A to Z: from Aoudad Sheep to Grants Zebra. We specialize in blackbuckaxis deer, fallow deer, and elk hunting.


Grants Gazelle

Exotic Hunting from A to Z: V-Bharre Ranch

Exotic Animals Available to Hunt:

Addax, Aoudad Sheep, Axis Deer, Black Hawaiian, Blackbuck, Fallow Deer, Jacob Sheep, Mouflon Sheep, Nilgai, Red Sheep, Gemsbok, Scimitar Oryx, Texas Dall Sheep, Corsican Sheep, and many more.

Exotic Hunting Price List – No Lodge Fee

$1,500 Deposit Required

Addax $5,200
Aoudad Sheep (up to 32″) $4,000+
Axis Deer $3,750
Axis Deer 34″ and Over $4,300
Blackbuck (up to 20″) $2,800
Blackbuck (20″ over) $3,200
Texas Dall (36″ under) $2,500 +
Fallow Deer $3,500
Four Horn Rams $2,500
Gemsbok $6,000
Trophy European Mouflon Sheep $3,500+
Nilgai $5,000
Scimitar Oryx $4,400
Red Sheep $4,500+
Pere David $7,000
Fallow Does $450
Blackbuck Does $400

When Only the Best Exotic Hunting Experience Will Do

We are committed to providing you with the best Texas exotic hunting experience you have ever had. Our exotic hunting packages are designed with the serious hunter in mind, and we are quite sure you will be glad you came to V-Bharre Hunting Ranch.


No lodge fees, no guide fees, no hidden fees!


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We let our animals speak for us! Please visit out photo gallery and our testimonial page. Book with us, we guarantee you will be impressed!

Check out our exotic animal hunting price list for details.

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