Axis Deer Hunting in Texas

People who love to hunt, surely love Texas Axis Deer hunting. Axis Deer are beautiful, plentiful and without any seasonal hunting restrictions in Texas.

V-Bharre offers axis deer hunting packages filled with amenities that will help you enjoy and remember your Texas experience at V-Bharre Hunting Ranch.

See for yourself what hunting Axis deer on our Texas ranch looks like with this Axis Hunt teaser video:

This is Texas Axis Hunting at its best.

V-Bharre Ranch offers an all-inclusive axis hunting package. You will have a comfortable room at our Lodge with a porch overlooking the Texas Hill Country and wildlife. We serve Texas-sized meals in our great dining room. You’ll be able to trade stories at the evening bar, or watch your favorite television show on our big screen HD T.V.

Another mighty fine Axis trophy from V-Bharre Ranch.

Another mighty fine Axis trophy from V-Bharre Ranch.

2012 Gold Medal Axis Buck, now that's Texas hunting!

2012 Gold Medal Axis Buck, now that’s Texas hunting!

2012 Gold Medal Axis Buck, now that's Texas hunting!

2012 Gold Medal Axis Buck, now that’s Texas hunting!

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Check out our extensive axis buck photo display.

V-Bharre Ranch boasts the most majestic (and highly-coveted) trophy axis deer anywhere. Click on our impressive axis hunting gallery; it’s jam-packed with pictures showcasing just a fraction of these beautiful, iconic bucks harvested here over the years.

View Our Axis Hunting Photo Gallery.

Read how three generations (grandfather, father and son) hunted axis at our Texas ranch to bring home trophies and lasting memories.

Axis Deer Hunting is available year round on our ranch, but the best time is April through September

Complimentary with All of Our Axis Deer Hunting Packages

  • 3 days and 2 nights lodging
  • Meals and beverages (including evening bar)
  • 1 on 1 guide
  • Full trophy care (field dressing, quartering trophy for transportation)
  • Trophy fishing
  • Gun and bow range

NOT Included With Our Axis Deer Hunts

  • Gratuity to your guide(s) and staff
  • Airport Transportation – $200 Round Trip
  • Texas Hunting License
  • Custom Processing
  • Caping for Taxidermy $50 Per Head Large Animals and $25 Small Animals

Price List of Axis Deer Hunts – No Hidden Fees 

  • $3,750 (under 34″)
  • $4,300 (34″ and over)

About Axis Deer

Also known as chital deer and spotted deer, Axis deer are native to India and Sri Lanka. Introduced to Texas around 1932, they are thriving. Unlike many other deer species, they mate year-round and bucks form part of the herd of does and youngsters. The average size and weight for males is 3’ tall from the shoulder and 187 pounds. They can live anywhere from 20 to 30 years. They have three tines on each lyre-shaped antler which can grow up to a trophy size of 30” to 36”.  One of their most distinguishing features is a dark spotted stripe that runs from their nape to their tail.

Now then, if you’ve been told to watch your weight, or cut down on eating red meat, you might want to try some Axis deer. Not only are these deer considered one of the best tasting and tender wild game meats in the world, but they are also the leanest of all mammals (99.8% fat-free).

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