Daughter's first deer – Priceless

Words cannot express the joy of sharing the outdoor with a child. Yesterday my 8 year old daughter harvested her first deer. Regan started shooting at 6 years old. I started her off with a single shot 22 short. We worked on technique and the importance on gun safety. Over the next two years we slowly moved up calibers. Regan continue to show excitement towards shooting, hunting safety and the outdoors. This past Labor Day weekend we went hunting for a management Fallow Deer. On the second day of the hunt Regan’s hard work paid off. Regan made a 85 yard shot right in the shoulder. It was a quick and humane harvest. Regan and I walked up on her deer and I could just see the joy in her eyes. I am very proud of her and more importantly I am excited to see how proud she is of herself. Take your kiddo hunting – experiencing the outdoors together is truly priceless.