Hunting for exotics and record-breaking, TEXAS-SIZED elk, deer and wildlife? We’ve got ’em.

V-Bharre Ranch | Deer Hunting in Texas

Located on 945 pristine acres of hill country in Meridian, Texas, Welcome to the Renowned V-Bharre Ranch!

Our top-notch facility is family owned and operated – and we’ve been at this a long time (as avid hunters and experienced business folks). We take the time to do things right; novice and seasoned hunters alike come from all over for the mature, Gold Medal quality animals at V-Bharre Ranch…and because we’re unlike any other hunting ranch out there.

Hidden fees (and other sneaky stuff) aren’t done around here.

V-Bharre Ranch is all-inclusive, so the price you see is the price you pay. NO HIDDEN FEES! Your tab includes everything to make your stay fun and relaxing: lodging, meals, guide and game are just the beginning. Fishing for bass, catfish and crappie at our ranch lake is also included in the price. Other ranches may beat around the bush or give you the ol’ smoke and mirrors routine…but not here. From the get-go, everything is upfront and clearly spelled out prior to your hunt. Rest easy that booking with us means you, your party and everyone with you will be well cared for.


We are looking for new hunters for the 2017-2018 hunting season.Here are some big deals that will work on a first come basis with deposits on hand.

Bull Elk

We have 8 big bulls that will score between 330 to 400 BC. They will all be $6000 each. The first to book the earliest date will get the biggest bull. We start hunting these in September. The price include your lodging, meals, etc. This is up to$ 6,750 in savings, so the bigger bulls are half price.

Scimitar Oryx

We will harvest 5 big female Oryx that range between 35″ to 40″ in length. As with the bull Elk, this is on first come basis with deposits on hand. We will hunt these during the summer months and the price is only $2500 each. This price also includes your lodging, meals, etc. Thsi is $1900 in savings.

Fallow Bucks

We will harvest 25 large Fallow Bucks for only $3,500 each. These are available beginning August 15th. Some dates are already booked but we still have numerous openings. All colors are available and like the other the biggest go to the first hunters in line.

Royal Yak Bull

We have one large bull over 1800 pounds on the hoof. If you are looking for a lot of meat well her it is. Priced at $2,500. That’s HALF PRICE!!!!!!

Whitetail Bucks

We will harvest 20 to 30 bucks that will range from 130 to 250 B.C. Our prices have been reduced to be more competitive so please carefully consider the following.


  • 130’s – $2,500     Reduced $750
  • 140’s – $3,500     Reduced $750
  • 150’s – $4,500     Reduced $750
  • 160’s – $5,500     Reduced $750
  • 170’s – $6,500     Reduced $1000
  • 180’s – $7,500     Reduced $750
  • 190’s – $8,500     Reduced $1500
  • 200’+ - $9,500     Reduced $3000
For corporate Groups a 5% discount will be applied. An additional to all these great deals we are also offering  a Fallow Buck for only $3000 if you shoot your first animal and decide you want a discounted fallow. Our goal is to assist you in harvesting the animal of your dreams and we’re serious about booking your hunt.

Personalized attention from our dedicated hunting guides and staff.

Everyone at V-Bharre Ranch wants your stay to be everything you expected, and then some. For starters, someone is at your service from the moment you come through the gate until you depart. Our guides are super knowledgeable in all aspects of hunting, both native and exotic game. Every guide does his homework – including running trail cameras so when you get here, he puts you on the game you’re after (and you’ll see plenty of other impressive species to boot).

We’re the best game in town (or anywhere).

The animals harvested at the V-Bharre Ranch are tremendous in trophy quality and in top-notch health. We want our hunters going home with a genuine trophy – not just an animal that was good because your guide said it was good. As hunters ourselves, we don’t want our visitors harvesting animals that we wouldn’t be proud to display on our own walls, and this is a big reason so many of the animals are bred right here on our property. IMG_3864    IMG_3884 Elk Hunting in Texas       Nilgai Hunting at V-Bharre Ranch Axis Deer Hunting      Addax Bull Hunting Trip Deer Hunting in Texas     Auodad Sheep Hunting

We provide in-house meat processing, too.

We meticulously clean your harvest, hang it to age appropriately and finish to your precise specifications (custom cutting, sausage-making, etc.). Then we carefully package and ship everything directly to your door. You simply pull the trigger and we do the rest. Learn More About Our Game Processing

So How About It? Are You Ready for The Trophy Hunting Experience of a Lifetime?

Book your thrilling trophy hunt here at the V-Bharre Ranch, Texas’ Premier Hunting Ranch! Call Mike Vanecek at (817) 229-6620 Or shoot us an e-mail  and we’d be happy to promptly answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget to click here and check out our Facebook page. Make sure to Like our page for all the new updates. Now we have Twitter and Instagram.